TankJoey: steel wrapped in velvet

image1Model, father, bodybuilder and given to fitness. Photoshoots and more photoshoots that leaves us through social networks and in which powerfully draws the attention of tattoos on the crushed muscle. TankJoey is all a mass phenomenon and they could not miss the opportunity to admire his work and to know him more in depth.

Canada based. Father of 2, husband, trainer, gym owner, bodybuilder, Tank. This is the biography of your Instagram account, an account full of photos of you showing your body, many of your routines and, above all, your tattoos, which fill a large part of your body, all seen by more than 256.000 people. But, to what extent do you show your life?

I choose to show only a small part of my family life to keep my family away from the public eye. I do show my work life in both the modeling industry and at my fitness facility - Forest City Fitness in London Ontario.

image2As I said, your tattoos occupy more than half of your body. When you started?

I got my first tattoo at 19 years old but didn't start the main project until I was 30.

image1Do tattoos have any meaning? Which one do you most love?

My tattoo says 'steel wrapped in velvet' in kanji on my side and is the base of the rest of my ink. It has a deep meaning to me as I choose to be a man of strong conviction and belief but soft in my approach to the people that come into my daily life.

In most photos, you do not wear any clothes. What does body and nakedness mean to you?

Being naked is being free. I choose to show the human body because I think that it is a beautiful form in all its variations. Since I can share mine alone, I choose to do it as a form of artistic expression.

256k only in Instagram account. How does this affect your life and, especially, your self-esteem?

It has been hard to accept both the positive and negative comments that pour in with each post I make. Hearing that 'the body is fine but such an ugly face' can be a hard one to swallow. In the same way, it is often hard to believe the compliments as having truth when you don't feel confident about your own look as compared to the unrealistic standards that we are shown in magazines.

Are you afraid that someday you will not be interested in people?

Yes, I think that everything and everyone have only a short time to hold the interest of the internet and the world as a whole.  As the interest in me dies then I will happily move on to other exciting challenges and continue to grow as a photographer and artist.

Our magazine love art and we believe that you have managed to turn your body into art. For that, we want to thank you for giving us time and your words. We will continue to see your photos and your work every day. Thank you so much.

Ángel Rull.

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